An independent jury is responsible for the selection of the finalists and the winners out of numerous and diverse applications. These five members and chair are chosen for their experience and professional qualities regarding Responsible Research and Innovation and are not elected by a structure, institution or association. Through their involvement in the subjects covered by the call in question, their mission is to select the best three projects that will be rewarded with a prize of € 20.000 each.

Jeroen van den Hoven Jury chair

Jacqueline Broerse

Klaus Jacob

Richard Owen

May Thorseth

Adriana Valente

The scientific committee of Delft University of Technology assisted the EFARRI jury in making a well-informed and unbiased selection of the laureates. They developed and operationalised the concept of RRI into a framework for analysis and collected all relevant information by conducting interviews with the fifteen finalists that finally condensed in the case study report ‘Rewarding RRI’.

The multi-disciplinary scientific committee is composed of:

Victor Scholten is director of the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship at Delft University of Technology. His current research interests are in academic entrepreneurship, technology transfer and new business venturing. He is particularly interested in the networking activities and the interplay between entrepreneurship and responsible innovation: how societal challenges and new technology developments provide opportunities and require a responsible approach to innovation to ensure societal benefit.


Eefje Cuppen is associate professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) of Delft University of Technology. She holds an MSc degree in Innovation Sciences from Eindhoven University of Technology (2004) and a PhD in policy sciences from VU University (Institute for Environmental Studies; 2010). In her dissertation she develops and evaluates a participatory methodology for environmental policy issues. Her current research focuses on participatory governance, responsible innovation and the role of citizens in sustainability transitions.

Steven Flipse is assistant professor in Science Communication at the Delft University of Technology. His research focusses on the role of communication in innovation practice. In particular he is interested in how strategic communication can be deployed to stimulate and support responsible research and innovation practices.